稿件来源:金雷 新民体育

  稿件来源:金雷 新民体育





  Mao Jianqing, the young man’s name is only one word behind Shenhua’s famous general Mao Jianqing, and it reads exactly the same. He also loves to play football. Although the radiotherapy department of the Cancer Hospital is very busy, as long as there is free time, Mao Jianqing will meet up with three or five ball friends to exchange skills. Every time a new player joins, he will rush to ask him: Are you good at football? "They also want to know if my style of play is the same as that of Xiao Mao," Mao Jianqing said. "Every time I can honestly tell each other that I play as a defender.

这位年轻人的名字叫毛建清,仅比神华著名将军毛建清落后一个字,而且读起来完全一样。他也喜欢踢足球。尽管癌症医院放疗科非常繁忙,但只要有空闲时间,毛建清就会与三五个舞伴见面,交流技能。每次有新球员加入时,他都会急着问他:你擅长足球吗?毛建清说:“他们也想知道我的演奏风格是否与小毛一样。” “每次我都能诚实地告诉对方我是防守者。

   In the Shanghai Derby in September 2017, Mao Jianqing had the deepest impression and was the one he didn’t want to mention. Wu Jingui just took over as Poyet, and Shenhua, who was not stable, was beaten 1 to 6 by SIPG in the away game, creating the biggest difference in derby history between the two teams. Mao Jianqing cried sadly, "I was standing in the stands, feeling very painful in my heart, tears streaming down." From now on, he regarded the game as a lesson Shenhua learned from, "I will be the next Derby. I feel that Shenhua is taking revenge."


   Unlike Mao Jianqing, Zhao Jin is a gentle and pleasant girl. In 1995, Shenhua won the League A championship. In front of the TV, a little girl became obsessed with this team. There are no fans at home, but Shenhua took root in Zhao Jin's heart, leading her to become a "blue blood man." "I was an accident." Zhao Jin joked when talking about becoming a Shenhua fan.

与毛建清不同,赵瑾是一个温柔宜人的女孩。 1995年,申花队获得了甲A联赛冠军。在电视前,一个小女孩迷上了这支球队。家里没有歌迷,但申花扎根了赵瑾的心,使她成为“蓝血人”。 “我是个意外。”赵晋在谈论成为神华迷时开玩笑。



  'S true love for Shenhua made Zhao Jin do a lot of "crazy" things. In the first round of the 2017 FA Cup final, she skipped class and went to the Hongkou Football Stadium when she was facing a postgraduate entrance examination. “It was very cold, but when we stood in the Hongkou stand, our battlefield was melted by the fiery derby atmosphere.”

对申花的真挚爱九游官网首页进入使赵瑾做了很多“疯狂”的事情。在2017年足总杯决赛的第一轮中,当她正接受研究生入学考试时,她跳过课而去了虹口足球场。 “天气很冷,但是当我们站在虹口看台上时,我们的战场被热烈的德比气氛融化了。”

On a business trip in Beijing in 2018, she took a taxi to the Gongti right after the meeting. When she arrived at the stadium, the match between Shenhua and Guoan had begun. The ticket inspector asked her to go through the north gate of the visiting team. In order to enter the stadium as soon as possible, she was soft and hard and the other party finally agreed to open it. Staff access. Looking at the Shenhua jersey all over his body, Zhao Jin asked the security captain for help and brought himself to the stand for safety. "Fortunately, I can always meet Shenhua fans in the stadium, I am never alone." Every time for Shenhua expedition, the "blue blood people" around him will bring warmth to Zhao Jin.

会议结束后,在2018年的北京商务旅行中,她乘出租车去了贡提。当她到达体育场时,申花和国安之间的比赛已经开始。验票员让她穿过探访队的北门。为了尽快进入体育场,她软弱无比,另一方最终同意将其开放。员工出入。赵瑾看着身上的神华球衣,向保安队长寻求帮助,并将自己带到展台上以求安全。 “幸运的是,我总是可以在体育场见到神华球迷,我并不孤单。”每次参加申花探险,身边的“蓝血人”都会为赵瑾带来温暖。



   With passionate fans like Mao Jianqing and Zhao Jin, Shenhua and SIPG's first off-site derby is not unfamiliar. Although for safety reasons, the number of admissions allocated to fans has been reduced from 3,000 to 1,400 per team, the enthusiasm of everyone has not diminished. As the ticket organizer of the Shenhua Auspicious League Fan Club this time, Mao Jianqing has been busy for a week to organize the list of fans for the expedition. The Shenhua Cheyou Fan Club of the Shanghai God Flower Fan Club where Zhao Jin is located is also in accordance with transparent and orderly rules, "Prioritize the battle group and redeem it with the mini program points." Zhao Jin explained, "I'm a fan club, right? So I applied to come to Suzhou to fight for Shenhua."


  Derby In the afternoon of the same day, dozens of buses organized by the organizer picked up Shenhua fans such as Mao Jianqing and Zhao Jin, and drove directly from Jing'an Sports Center on Changping Road to Suzhou Olympic Sports Center. The Suzhou Division of the Super League has subtracted the entire ticketing process. Fans who register with their real names do not need to provide a nucleic acid test report. They only need to show their Su Kang code and ID card to enter the game. "It feels different this time. It's more spectacular than going to the Hongkou Football Stadium..." What surprised Zhao Jin was that during the expedition, the fan bus hung up the signal lights and the police car cleared the way. At the entrance of the Suzhou Industrial Park, the escort completed the handover. Then the green lights went all the way and arrived at the stadium in less than 15 minutes. "The intersection we were passing by, the other directions were all red lights." At the entrance of the stadium, several fans raised Shenhua's scarves to greet them. "At this moment, I was suddenly moved." Zhao Jin said that he was lucky to accompany the team on the first foreign derby.

德比当天下午,由组织者组织的数十辆公交车接载了毛建清,赵劲等申花球迷,并直接从昌平路静安体育馆开往苏州奥林匹克体育馆。中超联赛苏州分部已扣除了整个票务流程。以真实姓名注册的粉丝无需提供核酸测试报告。他们只需要出示Su Kang代码和身份证即可进入游戏。 “这次感觉不一样了。比去虹口足球场更壮观……”使赵瑾感到惊讶的是,在探险期间,风扇巴士挂起了信号灯,警车开路了。在苏州工业园区入口处,陪同人员完成了移交。然后绿灯一直到不到15分钟就到达体育场。 “我们经过的路口,其他方向都是红灯。”在体育馆的入口,几位球迷举起了申花的围巾来招呼他们。 “这时,我突然被感动了。”赵进说,他很幸运能陪队参加第一场外国德比战。

   In the Suzhou Olympic Stadium, Shenhua fans shouted and sang for their beloved team, and lighted their mobile phones to reproduce the "bright stars" of the Hongkou Football Stadium. Shenhua soldiers seemed to return to their home court. Coach Cui Kangxi said after the game: “The fans’ cheering and cheering has given the players a lot of strength.” Goalkeeper Zeng Cheng thanked: “Seeing everyone again, I miss it very much... It’s your encouragement to the Shenhua team. We will also do our best to defend that touch of blue in our hearts."


   The night is slightly cool, and the blood remains. After the expedition to this remote derby, Mao Jianqing and Zhao Jin boarded the bus and rushed back to Shanghai overnight. The next day they went to work and returned to their daily lives. "I saw the armed policemen standing motionless and wearing masks. In order to allow us to support the team as much as possible, they worked very hard." Mao Jianqing said, this will be an unforgettable experience in his derby. "thank you very much."

夜晚略凉,血液残留。远征德比之旅结束后,毛建清和赵瑾登上了大巴,连夜赶回上海。第二天,他们去上班,回到了日常生活。 “我看到武装警察站着不动,戴着口罩。为了让我们尽可能多地支持团队,他们非常努力。”毛建清说,这将是他德比难忘的经历。 “非常感谢你。”



   The derby is to be continued, the story is endless. After the game, some fans sighed that they had returned to the game after 371 days. Due to the epidemic, the opening of the Chinese Super League was postponed for 5 months, and the empty format once allowed fans to sit in front of the TV and cheer for the team. Fortunately, with the normalization of epidemic prevention and the efforts of footballers, the stadium renewed its attention Open your arms.


   In the second stage of the league, all games in the Suzhou Division are open to fans, and no nucleic acid test report is required. The number of attendees per game in Dalian has also increased to 3,000. In order to create a remote atmosphere for Derby, the organizers organized a total of 112 buses to pick up fans and complete the docking in an orderly manner in all links. The Super League semi-final is a benchmark event, showing the determination and ability of the sports industry to resume work and production. Fans entering the stadium to watch the game are an indispensable piece of the puzzle.


   In this derby, the first thing Shenhua and SIPG players did when they entered the field was to run to the stands to thank the expedition fans. The fans have to thank the Chinese Super League for taking themselves back to the stadium; the team has to thank the fans for making the league complete. After the game, Chen Xuyuan, Chairman of the Chinese Football Association, and Secretary-General Liu Yi met in the passage, and the two high-five to celebrate. They all knew in their hearts that a derby that returned with passion would motivate the Chinese Super League to complete the semifinals.


   Tell another story. After rushing back to Shanghai that night, a Shenhua fan found that his father was still waiting for him. It turned out that as a SIPG fan, his father wanted to discuss with his son the pros and cons of this derby. This is the infinite charm of football. The life of the fans has returned to daily life, and the complete world of football is at hand.


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