About half a month ago, two major events occurred in Lisbon: Barcelona was bloodbathed by Bayern 8-2, and Manchester City was eliminated by Lyon in the Champions League quarter-finals. From a narrative point of view, the reunion of Messi and Guardiola is completely reasonable, and many people hope to see them continue to write the most romantic story of apprenticeship in modern football history.


In 2011, the talented coach Guardiola and the talented player Messi teamed up to build the greatest football club ever (maybe none) with other Barcelona players.


But who would have thought that the win at Wembley Stadium was the pinnacle of their careers, even if it took many years to replicate it?


No one can avoid being affected by age and bad luck. In the 2011-12 season, in La Liga, Mourinho's Real Madrid achieved revenge against Barcelona. In the Champions League, Barcelona was eliminated by Chelsea-Barcelona did almost everything right in the two rounds of the semi-finals, but they still failed to turn the opportunity into a goal, and they were counterattacked and scored 3 goals. That seems to be the template of doom.


In 2015, Messi won the Champions League again, but Guardiola still has only two Champions League trophies in his hands, behind Bob Paisley and Zidane. In football, as anti-grab becomes more important than transmission, some people question that Guardiola is no longer at the forefront of tactics.


At the same time, people began to have reservations about Messi: Messi is indeed very good (he has scored at least 25 league goals for 11 consecutive seasons), but will he cause a team to lose balance? Why have Barcelona and Argentina often lost in similar ways in the past four years? As a 33-year-old veteran, Messi runs so little in the game, is it really worthy of an annual salary of more than 100 million euros before tax?


In the 2009-10 season, Messi averaged 2.1 anti-grabs per game in La Liga. In the 2011-12 season, this data dropped to 1.2 times.


In the few seasons since Guardiola's departure, Messi has never averaged more than one counter-grab per game in La Liga. For comparison, Mahrez played on the right in 20 Premier League games last season, averaging 1.3 counter grabs per game; Bernardo Silva averaged 1.8 counter grabs per game. Mahrez's data is far inferior to Bernardo Silva, but it is still two-thirds higher than Messi.

自瓜迪奥拉离任以来的几个赛季中,梅西在西甲场均从未有过一次反抢的机会。相比之下,马赫雷斯上赛季在英超联赛的20场比赛中位居右侧,平均每场1.3杆。伯纳多·席尔瓦(Bernardo Silva)每场比赛平均有1.8次反扑。 Mahrez的数据远不及Bernardo Silva,但仍比Messi高三分之二。

Maybe Messi can find new energy under new challenges, but Barcelona is a very typical team that focuses on possession and pressure (on opponents).


If Messi at Barcelona no longer tries to grab the ball from the opponent's feet, it is probably because he has no ability to do so... This also means that if Messi joins, in order to accommodate a defensive contribution so little Players, Manchester City will have to make substantial adjustments to the lineup and find ways to make up for the shortcomings that follow.


So far in his career, Messi has been playing for Barcelona, ​​but let's assume that he can adapt to other clubs.


If Messi joins Manchester City, he will definitely be able to enhance the team's offensive ability and bring a lot of goals. Messi is probably the greatest dribbling player in football history, and he can see the angle and passing route faster than ordinary people, and send subtle assists to his teammates.


Whether Messi plays the pseudo 9th or the right winger, it can greatly increase the attacking power of Manchester City (or any team in the world). He has the ability to change the trend of the game.


But offense has never been a problem for Manchester City. Manchester City has become the team with the most goals in the Premier League for two consecutive seasons, scoring four or more goals in 11 league games last season.


Guardiola is very clear that Manchester City's problem lies in defense-it is precisely because of fear of Lyon's defensive counterattack that he made major tactical adjustments before the game with Lyon.


Messi could not make Manchester City a better defensive team. On the contrary, he is likely to make Manchester City's defensive shortcomings be further expanded.


After all, from 2017 to 2020, Barcelona have lost a lot in the Champions League knockout rounds, including this year, when they were madly scored by their opponents in the game with Bayern....In the past few years, Barcelona has changed coaches, players and tactical systems, but May West is always there.

毕竟,从2017年到2020年,巴塞罗那在冠军联赛淘汰赛中输了很多钱,包括今年,当时他们在与拜仁的比赛中被对手疯狂得分....在过去几年中,巴塞罗那发生了变化教练,球员和战术系统,但May West总是在那儿。

Today's Manchester City need to strengthen the defensive ability to face the opponent's counterattack. If a good but strange offensive genius is forced into the team, it may only bring more unnecessary trouble.


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